Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Phone Torch v2.0.2 S60V3 – Aplikasi Symbian Membuat HP Layaknya Senter

image Phone Torch v2.0.0 s60v3 adalah salah satu aplikasi symbian yang bermanfaat. Mengapa bermanfaat??? ya, karena aplikasi symbian ini mengubah fungsi HP kita menjadi lampu senter serta dapat digunakan pula untuk penyampaian sandi-sandi Morse sepersi SOS dan lain-lain. Jadi jika aplikasi ini dapat anda gunakan di saat-saat darurat, seperti; lampu padam, atau ketika anda membutuhkan sandi Morse untuk berkomunikasi Phone Torch ini dapat dijadikan solusi anda

Berikut info singkat mengenai Phone Torch v 2.0.2 s60v3

PhoneTorch provides functionality to use your smartphone as a torch/flashlight and for Morse signaling. It supports both, the phone's LCD screenlight, and the phone's flash LEDs (video light) as light sources.

Features of PhoneTorch 2.0
* Light sources: flash LED and LCD screen, can be independently controlled
* Improved speed *NEW*
* Light intensity control of LCD screen *NEW*
* Emitted color selection of LCD screen *NEW*
* Autostart when phone is turned on *NEW*
* Run PhoneTorch in background *NEW*
* Switch light on/off with special keys (e.g. camera button) even if keys are locked *NEW*
* Optional sound when light is turned on/off *NEW*
* Restore PhoneTorch state when restarted
* Improved user interface
* Morse code (e.g. SOS)

11-03-2010: v2.0.2

- 5th ed.: fixed panic 66 on exit
- 3rd ed.: fixed light bulb icon animation
- 3rd ed.: now middle key changes main states instead of calling options menu
- 3rd ed.: red/blue light is turned off now
- 3rd ed.: fixed sound

05-03-2010: v2.0.1

- Performance improvements
- Enable/disable camera key when keyboard is locked
- Fixed settings dialog

23-02-2010: v2.0.0

- Initial release



Phone Torch v2.0.2 S60V3

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