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Easy Worship 2009 Full

image Easy worship 2009 adalah suatu software yang berfungsi untuk menampilkan slide-slide presentasi seperti microsoft powerpoint, namun memiliki fitur-fitur yang menurut saya pantas untuk para sobat sekalian coba. Selain dari fitur-fiturnya, Easy Worship 2009 juga memiliki tampilan interface, baik dari sisi tombol maupun taskpane yang tentunya berbeda, sehingga memberikan keleluasaaan lebih untuk kita.

Berikut beberapa kelebihan Easy Worship 2009:

1. Display Foldback (Stage Display)

clip_image002Custom Stage Support

Your audience is first, but your stage needs support, too. While the audience sees the presentation on the main display, Display Foldback lets the stage see a custom display with the current presentation, a preview of the next scheduled item, a clock and private alerts.

Customize the way the stage sees PowerPoint presentations with variable thumbnails for previous, current and next slide.

2. VJ Mode (Video Jockey)

clip_image004One-Click Video Switching

This is the perfect place for planned spontaneity. In VJ Mode, switching backgrounds during a live song or scripture takes one click.

The option to view your media library in the Live Area makes it easy to fade between backgrounds on the fly while keeping up with song lyrics or scripture changes

3. Web Integration

clip_image006Full Screen YouTube Videos

With URL scheduling and full screen YouTube video playback, EasyWorship 2009 helps you connect your audience to the web. Use the online feature to show your church's new website or latest YouTube video.

EasyWorship 2009 also provides access to the online media store, which includes integrated downloads so media is automatically placed in the correct library in EasyWorship.

4. Audio Integration

clip_image008Scheduled Playback

Import and organize your audio files for scheduled playback during a presentation, or assign a single audio file to multiple lyric or scripture slides. EasyWorship's new media player displays total and elapsed time with controls for volume, mute, play/pause, repeat and seek.

5. Updated User Interface

clip_image010Cleaner, More Intuitive Design

Now theme-aware for XP, Vista and Windows 7, EasyWorship 2009 introduces updated buttons and icons throughout, modernized look and feel, general layout improvements and updated interface controls for video, DVD and feeds.

Penasaran??? Mau coba???

1. Silakan di download sob:

Download Installer


2. Serial Key:

Name: movzx

Phone Number: KocokJaya Team

Serial Number: EY8VW-FVH68-P8GGC-TTTNE-V42GY

3. Nih gambar serial keynya:


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